How to improve your psoriasis treatment naturally

How to improve your psoriasis treatment naturally

Psoriasis is a complex autoimmune skin condition, and each person's flareups may arise from different stimuli. Just as this condition is unpredictable in its symptoms and causes, it calls for a wide-scope treatment approach. Supplements like Equilac can be helpful in treating your condition, but they won't be optimally effective on their own. Instead, you need to approach psoriasis in a holistic way, nurturing your mental, physical and emotional health simultaneously.

Increase your physical activity level

It may seem counter-intuitive that intensifying your daily exercise routine could have an effect on the condition of your skin, but the skin eruptions are only the visible evidence of a pervasive body-wide syndrome. Ninety minutes a week of vigorous physical exertion is one important aspect of psoriasis treatment, according to Ronald Pressick, MD, medical director at the Washington Dermatology Center in Rockville, Maryland.

Even small increases in your level of activity like taking a daily walk can bring benefits. Adding more exercise into your schedule will be effective against psoriasis in three separate ways: It will reduce stress, aid in weight loss and help fight the presence of inflammation throughout your body.

Eat a nutritious diet

A healthy diet may not directly affect your symptoms of psoriasis, but its contribution to your physical well being will result in greater health in every respect. Dietitian Heather Mangieri recommends drinking plenty of water and eating lean proteins, low-fat dairy foods, whole grains and plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Including omega-3 fatty acids in your diet can counter the inflammation that can cause psoriasis. Omega-3s are found in fatty fish such as salmon and sardines, as well as in walnuts, flax seeds and soybeans. Most fruits and vegetables are helpful against immune problems as well, although some people find that tomatoes, potatoes and peppers can actually make their symptoms slightly worse. Alcohol should also be avoided, because it can increase inflammation and may interfere with the effects of certain psoriasis treatments such as methotrexate. The polyphenols in extra-virgin olive oil and green tea are demonstrated to have beneficial effects, as are Vitamin D3 supplements.

Reduce your stress

High stress levels can aggravate psoriasis symptoms, and the reverse is also true: if you reduce your stress and work to adopt a more positive outlook on life, you are likely to notice improvements in the condition of your skin. Stress can be addressed through many lifestyle changes, including the following:

  • Meditation has been scientifically proven to improve the symptoms of psoriasis. You can choose meditation methods that are not related to any religious practice or belief.
  • Positive affirmations are an effective method of making each day feel sunnier. These affirmations include valuing yourself and picturing yourself in a state of health and happiness.
  • Taking a vacation is a wonderful way to open up your window on the world, and you can double its effectiveness by choosing a destination that offers treatments for psoriasis. These may be salts and minerals such as those found in the Dead Sea or in Iceland's Blue Lagoon, or they may be spa treatments that use highly mineralized mud, ultraviolet light and other specialized treatments. Simply exposing the lesions to direct sunlight in a warm place can be beneficial.
  • Acupuncture is recognized as an effective treatment against stress.
  • Yoga will increase your core strength while helping you manage the pressures in your life.

Equilac capsules provide soothing relief through the unique qualities of mare's milk, but we know that freedom from psoriasis symptoms will not come from relying on one type of medicine or supplement. Healing truly starts within you. Positive thinking is the beginning of health, and the key is to picture yourself free of all your symptoms. Thinking in positive terms will naturally lead you to a better state of health by caring for your mind, body and spirit.