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cow milk
Horse milk for cow’s milk allergy

Horse milk can be a viable alternative for people with cow’s milk allergies. Its unique composition of fats, proteins, and minerals is easily digestible, making

Origin of horse milk

With a history of more than 2,000 years, horse milk has significantly impacted the health and well-being of many people. The origin of horse milk

horse milk powder
How is horse milk powder made?

Horse milk powder is a versatile and convenient way to enjoy the health benefits of horse milk. The powder retains its natural vitamins and minerals,

Drinking fresh horse milk

Horse milk is a unique product obtained by milking a mare by hand or via a milking machine adapted to the mare’s udder. Fresh horse

Horse milk against allergies

Horse milk can help alleviate various allergies, including cow’s milk allergy, hay fever, and asthma. Its rich composition of probiotics, minerals, and vitamins helps increase

Composition of horse milk

The composition of mare’s milk is unique, offering many benefits. It is remarkably similar to breast milk and is a valuable source of vitamins, minerals,

Research horse milk
Research into horse milk

Studies from the Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena show that horse milk can help treat skin conditions. Horse milk has also shown positive effects in treating