Healthy skin
Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

A Healthy Skin Starts From Within

The intelligent way to soothe skin conditions and achieve long-term relief is from the inside out, a much better way than the short-term relief of topical creams that only temporarily address symptoms.

Relieve Skin Conditions at the Source

Real improvement starts from within, at the source, and mare’s milk can be a healthy and effective way to help you achieve that. Think of creams only as an extra line of support for quick, short-term relief during flare-ups.

Lactoferrin, found in mare's milk, is a 100% natural product, unlike synthetic lactoferrin substitutes often found in food supplements.
Equilac Capsules

Equilac Capsules

To help to reduce the symptoms of psoriasis, we recommend using Equilac Capsules for at least 3 months for optimal results. The capsules can relieve the symptoms at the source of the skin condition from the inside out, even during or after a flare-up.

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