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Mare’s Milk for Your Skin
Equilac Mare's Milk Capsules
Equilac Mare's Milk Capsules
Choose for a different approach to relieve the symptoms of autoimmune skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema or acne and discover what Equilac can do for your skin. 
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Equilac mare's milk

We are proud to say that Equilac was the world’s first supplement based on concentrated, powdered mare’s milk. Since 1999, more and more people around the world discover Equilac and continue their treatment because of the positive results they experience to relieve their psoriasis or eczema symptoms. They also believe in a different approach and this is to treat skin-related autoimmune disorders from the inside out. 

Equilac is a unique product in scarce supply that can't be found in stores, with exception of Belgian pharmacies. If you are serious about your treatment and want to choose for a different approach, we invite you to try Equilac for at least 3 month and discover what Equilac mare's milk capsules can do for your skin and health.

Equilac mare's milk for psoriasis and eczema

Mare's milk has been known to benefit skin-related autoimmune disorders such as psoriasis, eczema and acne. According to Milks and Health: Mare's milk has several components that can be linked to the maintenance of healthy skin. It has most of the amino acids, such as serine (skin hydration) and cystine (high sulfur) which are indicated for skin disorders. It should also be noted that mare's milk contains many vitamins that help the function of the body. In cases of psoriasis, after long-term consumption of milk, there has been a decrease in virulence of the skin damage and a reduction in the departure area affected. While this does not state that mare's milk is a cure, it may help relieve symptoms and along with a positive outlook and self-care, the effects are healthier for your body and mind.

When treating psoriasis or eczema (atopic dermatitis), the healthiest and best results can be achieved by treating the skin from the inside out, and by fighting the cause rather than the symptoms alone. While it’s true that it will take longer to see or feel results compared to topical hydrocortisone creams, the results in the long term will be much better and healthier for your body. These days, everyone has probably tried, or is still trying hydrocortisone creams. However, these types of cream can only lessen your outward symptoms and are dangerous to your health if you use them on a long-term basis. The epidermis thins out and the effects decrease the longer you use these creams, forcing you to up your doses. And that’s never a good idea…

Results with Equilac mare's milk

Mare’s milk is not yet prescribed by doctors and dermatologists because it’s actually too scarce to be able to treat everyone suffering from these skin disorders. Despite being a low-profile product, in recent years German scientists have studied the benefits of mare’s milk. In their study, they concluded that consuming mare’s milk for at least six months can effectively reduce the symptoms of psoriasis in as much as 62% of all users. In general, the first improvements can be noted after 2 to 6 weeks of taking Equilac. Some consumers might experience a worsening of their symptoms during the first few weeks, but this is absolutely normal and nothing to worry about. Your body has to adjust to changes for the better, and that can take some time. We recommend only using our product if you are serious about your treatment and intend to use Equilac in its intended way. This means starting with a treatment of at least 3 consecutive months, in order to allow the mare’s milk to do its thing.