Equilac story

A family story since 1999

The story behind Equilac started in 1999 on a Belgian horse farm by Bart Declerck and his family. Starting with a mare’s milk farm at the age of 18, selling mare’s milk in its natural state, he quickly began seeking other ways to bring the benefits of mare’s milk to his customers in a way that was pleasant and easy to use. Because Bart’s mother was a pharmacist, Bart grew up in a scientific environment which gave him the insight he needed to develop his own mare’s milk supplement. Eventually, Equilac was launched as the world’s first dietary supplement based on concentrated mare’s milk.

Equilac around the world

Equilac Capsules have been sold at Belgian pharmacies and health food stores since 1999. But Bart had a greater vision and 1999 became a busy year in which Bart with his brother Wim launched the first website. That year, he got one online order from the United States, but it was a start as people all over the world began ordering his product, growing in number and continuing to do so today. Because mare’s milk production is very limited, Equilac is only available online straight from the Equilac family and cannot be found in pharmacies or stores.


Bart, founder of Equilac, back in 1998 when he started his mare's milk farm in Belgium.

Equilac Capsules

Equilac Capsules

If you are serious about your health and want to choose for a different approach to relieve the symptoms of autoimmune skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema and acne, we invite you to use Equilac for three consecutive months and discover what Equilac can do for your skin. The capsules can relieve the symptoms at the source of the skin condition from the inside out, even during or after a flare-up.

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