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Equilac® horse milk capsules can help relieve skin problems from the inside out.
horse milk cream

Horse milk cream for dry, sensitive skin

Horse milk cream is a natural skincare product based on horse milk. It is an effective solution for soothing psoriasis, eczema, acne, dry skin, and sensitive skin.

Creams based on horse milk are available in different types, including day cream, night cream, hand cream, and body lotion. They are suitable for dry to oily skin types and can be applied to the face, elbows, knees, and other areas sensitive to dehydration or irritation. These creams support the natural recovery ability of the skin.

The day cream is suitable for general use and can be applied in the morning. It is perfect for sensitive, dry, or chapped skin and provides extra relief in cold weather. The night cream nourishes your skin while you sleep and quickly absorbs into the skin without affecting the natural layer. The hand cream is fast-absorbing and ideal for people with skin problems on the hands.

Equilac®, the original horse milk capsules since 1999. Equilac® capsules help soothe symptoms of psoriasis, eczema, and acne from the inside out.

Made from 100% natural horse milk, these creams contain no harmful parabens. They are pH-neutral, maintaining the skin’s natural pH balance, minimizing the risk of dehydration, and making the skin suitable for all skin types.

Free from parabens and other harmful chemicals, the shelf life of these horse milk products is ensured by natural, organic ingredients. They are ideal for daily use, support the skin’s natural healing process, and can be used as cream or ointment.

Horse milk cream will make your skin soft, healthy, and beautiful. It is for external use only and is especially suitable for dry and sensitive skin types. For additional hair care, consider the horse milk shampoo for healthy hair and the horse milk soap for soft skin.

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