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Equilac® horse milk capsules can help relieve skin problems from the inside out.
horse milk soap

Horse milk soap for soft skin

Horse milk soap is a special skin care product that contributing to your skin’s recovery. This unique soap, based on pure horse milk, is gentle on your skin and ideal for continuous use. It is especially beneficial if you have dry or sensitive skin. Horse milk soap is also a good option for people sensitive to perfume and/or alcohol in soaps.

The soap is pH-skin neutral, meaning the pH value is close to your skin’s. A stable pH value is essential for maintaining healthy skin, as an imbalance in pH can damage the skin’s natural protective layer, causing the skin to dry out faster. Horse milk soap helps your skin retain moisture, reduces the chance of dehydration, and contributes to healthy and hydrated skin.

In addition, horse milk soap contains only natural, allergen-free perfume and is free from parabens and SLS, making it a hypoallergenic choice for skincare. This soap gently cleanses, cares for, and hydrates your skin.

Equilac®, the original horse milk capsules since 1999. Equilac® capsules help soothe symptoms of psoriasis, eczema, and acne from the inside out.

To use horse milk soap, apply it to your damp skin, let it foam, and rinse it off with enough water. Enjoy natural cleansing and soft, cared-for skin with horse milk soap.

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