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Equilac® horse milk capsules can help relieve skin problems from the inside out.
Research horse milk

Research into horse milk

  • Studies from the Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena show that horse milk can help treat skin conditions.
  • Horse milk has also shown positive effects in treating internal health problems like intestinal, respiratory, and liver problems.
  • Children with cow’s milk allergies well tolerate horse milk, and it is the most similar to human breast milk of all mammalian kinds of milk.

The most important research on the health benefits of horse milk comes from Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena, Germany. This university has spent more than a decade researching the benefits of horse milk as a supportive treatment. These studies indicate the benefits of long-term intake of horse milk for at least six months.

A 2009 study found that more than 90% of patients with various skin conditions reported that the severity of their symptoms decreased dramatically after drinking horse milk. An improvement in symptoms such as itching and sleep disturbances could be supported medically, with patients reporting an improvement from “semi-severe/severe” to “mild/non-existent” after six months of treatment. Some patients were even able to reduce their medication intake.

The Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena also found that 75% of consumers with intestinal, respiratory, or liver problems responded positively to drinking horse milk. Especially for people with intestinal disorders, the intake of horse milk led to decreased symptoms and improved health.

Equilac®, the original horse milk capsules since 1999. Equilac® capsules help soothe symptoms of psoriasis, eczema, and acne from the inside out.

Another study published in Pediatric Allergy and Immunology showed that horse milk is well tolerated by nearly 96% of children who are allergic to cow’s milk. Dr. Rene Madeleyn, a pediatrician, stated that horse milk contains many antibodies that neutralize bacteria and viruses and is the most similar of all mammals to human breast milk.

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