Mare's milk
A Gift from Nature

The Original Mare’s Milk Capsules

We are proud to say that Equilac was the world’s first dietary supplement based on concentrated mare’s milk. From the start in 1999, it was a unique product in scarce supply as it still is. Because production is limited, Equilac is only available online directly from the Equilac family.

Animal-Friendly Production

Our mare’s milk is produced by Belgian milking farms with production limited to guarantee a high-quality, animal-friendly product. Our respect for the wellbeing of the mares and foals keep production limited.

Mares are milked by equipment especially adapted for their comfort. The mare’s milk produced conforms to international standards for dairy products.
Equilac Capsules

Equilac Capsules

To help to reduce the symptoms of psoriasis, we recommend using Equilac Capsules for at least 3 months for optimal results. The capsules can relieve the symptoms at the source of the skin condition from the inside out, even during or after a flare-up.

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